Client Testimonials

Clara –

I was feeling lost and helpless before I came to Birthright of Hillsboro. I needed help with rent, clothing and baby essentials for my 11 month old son. When I left Birthright I felt blessed. I had never needed assistance until now and they were a huge help.

Lauren –

Before I went to Birthright I was feeling confused. I needed help with items for my children. After I left Birthright I felt blessed that they were able to help me and lead me in the right direction. They have a wonder staff that is well appreciated and helps a lot!

Hannah –

I was feeling lost and didn’t have anybody helping me. Birthright provided me with diapers, clothes and anything else that I needed. They were wonderful to me and I don’t know what I would have done without you guys a lot of times.

Melissa –

Birthright provided me with great services. I wouldn’t change anything about them.

Melissa & DeWayne –

Before we came to Birthright we were feeling down and unhappy, thinking that we failed. Birthright gave us baby stuff because we had lost everything in the past move. We were so happy we were able to get things for our baby. Thank you Birthright.

Julia –

Before I contacted Birthright I was really worried about my child having the essential needs such as a crib, clothes, etc. Birthright helped me get the resources and also gave me nice clothes for my daughter. Once I left Birthright I felt so much better about getting my daughter everything she needed.

Debbie –

Birthright has been a total blessing to our family.  Thank you!

Marie –

Birthright has been assisting my family and I with locating assistance financially for bills.  We received formula and diapers too.  Once I left Birthright I have a little room to breath and I felt cared for.

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